VerticalLines Blogger Template

VerticalLines Blogger Template  is a free blogger template with features such as 2 columns and right sidebars and 3 columns in footer- you can drag and drop widgets, widgets ready – support all blogger widgets, blue and red colors on background and content, real estate design for blogs, social icons – placed on top sidebar, easy to edit the code, HTML skills needed, featured posts enabled – placed on top content, easy to edit through dashboard, search box on menu – to make easy search on your blog

VerticalLines Blogger Template

Install Template (Baca) Cara Mengganti Template Blogger

Note of VerticalLines Blogger Template :
  • VerticalLines Blogger Template is FREE LICENSE, GPL License, and Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Please be RESPECTFULL Blogger Template Makers and Do Not Remove Credit Footer Link
  • Some file dowload link is Paid To Download and we not change the download link
  • We not change all or some part of the template including not change and add links footer. File template still same from original resource blog's template maker

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